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South Africa Loving The Benefits Of Kratom

Kratom is an herbal plant that is native to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Traditionally, its leaves were widely used due to its morphine-like effects. The plant has many unique compounds and nutrients that are associated with numerous health benefits. Some of the claimed benefits are discussed below.

Kratom is used as a pain reliever. The leaves have analgesic properties which by impacting the hormonal system quickly relieves pain. Chewing its leaves increases the secretion of serotonin and dopamine in the body. Dopamine belongs to a class of molecules referred to as catecholamine and it acts as both a neurotransmitter and hormone. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter derived from an amino acid called tryptophan. Both serotonin and dopamine modulate pain perception and act as natural analgesia within the supraspinal regions. These regions are the basal ganglia, thalamus, insula, periaqueductal gray, and anterior cingulate gyrus. Pain relief is the widest application of the Kratom’s leaves.
Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) Mitragynine. Drugs and Narcotics

It helps prevents stress, anxiety, and depression. Stress, anxiety, and depression are leading types of mental illness and without remedy can be life-threatening. Kratom is recommended as it acts as a psychostimulant, therefore, causes the release of serotonin and endorphins. The two compounds are very useful as they boost one’s overall mood. It also has a calming property that reduces tension helping one be confident and sociable. Kratom is also useful for individuals suffering from the following conditions.

  • chronic stress
  • panic attacks
  • mood swings
  • PTSD
  • anxiety
  • depression

This is because when its leaves are consumed, they help reduce symptoms of anxiety such as:

  • palpitations
  • insomnia
  • hyperventilation
  • sweating
  • muscle cramps

Kratom is useful in boosting motivation levels. When consumed, it causes the stimulation of the opioid receptors located in the brain. The activation promotes an adrenaline rush that activates the sympathetic system by releasing noradrenaline and adrenaline. In addition, Kratom causes the release of serotonin and dopamine. These are two important chemicals in promoting one’s motivation.

Kratom is also important in promoting the cardiovascular health. The leaves contain vital chemicals for the hormones and blood vessels that facilitate the lowering of the blood pressure. It also helps in lowering the body fats. By so doing, prevention of life-threatening heart diseases such as stroke, hypertension, and heart attack is made possible.

It has anti-inflammatory properties. Mitragynine is an ingredient in Kratom that significantly reduces inflammation. This helps reduce pain, redness, and swelling enhancing healing at the site of injury. It is for these properties that Kratom is used in the treatment and management of conditions such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Kratom is an effective energy booster. Its leaves are more popular among the casual laborers in various parts of the world. They optimize the metabolic processes leading to increased energy production. Blood circulation is enhanced causing more transport of oxygen to the body tissues. The oxygen is a vital requirement during energy synthesis. For individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, Kratom is the best solution.

The plant is useful in boosting the sexual function. Kratom promotes the rate of blood flow to the body tissues. Blood is a carrier of nutrients required in the synthesis of hormones such as testosterone. It is for such reasons that it is used as both an aphrodisiac and fertility booster. By improving circulation, it is vital in increasing fertility, improving libido and the rate of conception.

Why South Africa Is Buying Tons Of Kratom

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Kratom is also effective in the treatment and management of diabetes. Chewing Kratom’s leaves are associated with reduced blood sugar. It also helps increase and regulate the levels of insulin in the blood. The increased insulin level in the blood is important in lowering the glucose levels in blood preventing the development of diabetes.

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The leaves are used in the treatment of addiction. For many years, Kratom has been used as a method of curing opium addiction. Regular opium use is life-threatening and thus need of a substitute. Kratom chewing is healthy and provides similar sensation without negative sides, unlike opium. Individuals who have developed opium addiction are, therefore, put on Kratom due to its healthy nature.

In addition, Kratom boosts the immune system of the consumer. The leaves have the ability to scavenge the free radicals that tend to toxic to the body. They also have antimicrobial properties that protect the body against bacterial infections. It also a source of natural antioxidant thus important in the treatment of diseases such as cancers. All these benefits boost the immunity allowing one to live a healthy life.

The other benefit of Kratom is that it promotes good sleep. Its leaves contain chemical compounds that regulate the sleep cycle. It is, therefore, important in individuals suffering from conditions such as insomnia, parasomnia, or night terrors. It also enables one fall asleep faster and experience a restorative sleep that promotes better functioning during the daytime.

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Kratom’s leaves are used in the treatment of diarrhea. It does so by slowing down the rate of peristalsis and also by regulating the parasympathetic system. It also anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, useful in the management and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Kratom improves one focus. The action of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine on the opiate receptors helps one work hard for a longer time with more focus than the normal. The release of acetylcholine promotes focus. The release of serotonin and dopamine also promotes attention span, motivation and focus preventing boredom for the job at hand.
Kratom is a very useful plant as portrayed in the above discussion. The benefits are overwhelming thus its need to be incorporated in the modern field of medicine. The benefits accrued from its use also depend on the strain and dosage of the Kratom used. For safety purposes, more studies are required to be conducted to come up with the suitable dosages required for the treatment and management of the existing specific conditions. However, frequent use and high doses of Kratom are associated with negative side effects that sometimes can be life-threatening. One should, therefore, purchase the recommended product of Kratom and use as directed by the manufacturer.


Mitragyna Speciosa – What Does The FDA Think Of Kratom?

Is kratom approved by the FDA?

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration and is based in the united states of America. The association is involved in the promotion of the public health. It is responsible for the security and safety of the food supply, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and also regulating tobacco products.
Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) Mitragynine. Drugs and Narcotics

The association has issued warnings to three distributors and marketers of the kratom’s products for selling kratom which is not approved. They are Colorado kratom spot of Irvine, Front Range kratom of Aurora and Revibe, Inc., of Kansas City. The kratom products have unproven benefits as FDA claims. Some of the benefits being claimed by the marketers and distributors include the following: –

  • Relieving pain
  • Preventing neuron damage as a result of strokes
  • Treating Cancers
  • Reducing the blood pressure

FDA suggests that there is no scientific proof, reliable enough to support the above-proclaimed benefits. FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb said that the association could not accept unscrupulous sellers to continue offering products with unattested claims that they can prevent opioid addiction. It was also suggested that kratom is an opiate analog, therefore associated with harmful side effects among the users.

The association agrees that it is free to review the data claiming that the active compounds in kratom can treat pain and addiction. The commissioner also suggested that the association will take up strict actions against distributors selling unsafe and unproved kratom products for the management of addiction and withdrawal syndromes. Instead, the approval process for more safe products to treat such conditions was to be made more efficient.

Currently, there are no approved uses of kratom by FDA. Consumers are, therefore, advised not use it. The association claims that kratom just like morphine activates the opioid’s receptors in the brain. Due to this, kratom put the consumers at the risk of developing the addiction, abuse, and dependence.

The FDA is evaluating all the available scientific studies and research. The association continues to insist that individuals should not consume products containing kratom or its psychoactive ingredients, such as 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. To formulate a kratom’s safety profile more studies need to be conducted, as the association suggests.

The companies that have blacklisted by the FDA use social media and websites to lure the buyers. Against the law, such companies make unproven claims that kratom can treat or even prevent diseases. Some of these unproven claims include the following: –

  • Kratom leaves have blood pressure lowering property.
  • Just like painkillers, kratom can relieve pain.
  • That kratom is an effective anti-cancer agent.
  • That for diabetic patients, kratom is useful in controlling the blood sugar.
  • That kratom is effective in the treatment of arthritis, muscle pains, headaches, among others.
  • Kratom is an antioxidant thus very useful in the reduction of the neuron damage.
  • That kratom can be used in the management of ailments related to stroke.

The FDA claims that such claims can prevent the patients from seeking the approved therapies. This can pose health complications since kratom products have not been portrayed as being useful and safe for consumption. The products may not be effective, and the patient relying on it might develop serious complications or even die. By selling kratom products, these distributors are violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act thus, a serious crime.

The priority of the FDA is to reduce the rate of addiction menace among the Americans. It is for this reason that it is terming kratom products illegal, as it has been shown to be a cause of addiction. Those affected may opt to use kratom to manage the addiction as claimed by the distributors. By so doing, their recovery path may delay.

They are also at higher risk of addiction as the FDA claims. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the risk of death is reduced by 50% in patients who opt to consume the FDA-approved medication. It is for this reason that people should avoid using unapproved products such as kratom.

The FDA warning letter confirmed the various kratom products as illegal. The products include the following: –

  1. 1. Front Range Kratom
  • Maeng Da White Vein Capsules
  • Maeng Da Red Vein Powder
  • Bali Green Vein Powder
  • Bali White Vein Kratom Powder
  • Maeng Da White Energizing Formula
  • Liquid Kratom Red Maeng Da Enhanced Pain Formulation
  1. Kratom spot
  • Red Thai Kratom Powder
  • Kratom Extract 8x Kratom Powder
  • Super Green Indo Kratom Capsules
  • Ultra-Enhanced Malay Kratom Powder
  • Green Malay Kratom Powder
  • Borneo White Vein Kratom Powder


  1. Revibe
  • 50x Black Diamond Extract
  • Green Indo
  • Red Borneo
  • Green Sumatra
  • Super Elephant
  • White Sumatra
  • Yellow Vietnam Kratom

The companies were to give to their responses to the FDA within fifteen days. In their responses, they were to outline the actions they had decided to take regarding the claims made by the FDA. The companies were supposed to correct the violation, failure to which, they were liable to legal actions.

The scientific name for Kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa, and this is what researchers typically refer to it as.

On March 26, 2018, FDA did testing on kratom products sold by Revibe. FDA concluded that the products were contaminated with salmonella. This led to the destruction of the Revibe’s products on April 19, 2018. FDA however, claims that it has not received any information as to whether Revibe recalled the products that had been distributed in the market.



The Federal Drug Association does not approve kratom products. Consumers are, therefore, advised not to consume such products, as this put them under the risk of harmful side effects. The FDA protects and promotes the health of the public. It also ensures the safety, security, and effectiveness of veterinary and human drugs, medical devices and vaccines. Therefore, the association is such an important one. Any adverse side effects associated with the use of kratom should be reported to the FDA. In the united states, it is illegal to distribute kratom products. Therefore, such companies selling kratom products are violating Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The FDA is urging people only consume FDA approved products as they are effective and safe. They are usually related with few and less severe side effects.

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